Founded on 1991, OFRET group, forwarder in international logistics, participates in the globalization of the Moroccan economy, expanding the realm of possibility in its business sector, by actively participating in the simplification and efficiency of logistics systems.

Member of FIATA (International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations, and Assimilated) and founder of the AFFM (The Association of Freight Forwarders of Morocco) we participate in the emergence of Morocco nationally and internationally.

Over the years, OFRET group was able to better meet needs and expectations of its customers by structuring themselves and developing. Thus in 2004 SWIL was born to specialize in grouping services by promoting the opening of new direct lines, reducing delays and risks associated with multiple transshipments.

Relying on solutions at the forefront of technology to increase quality of service and opting for a sectoral approach to its customers in order to better meet their expectations.